Corporate Data

On October 2012, due to Oji Paper Co., Ltd. (Oji Paper) splitting the company to become a new holding company for the aim to enhance Oji Group’s competitiveness and profitability, Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd. (Oji IM) has been established as an independent company

Oji IM is established between former Oji Paper Imaging Media Business Division and Oji Paper Kanzaki Mill which is located in the Kansai area. Not only in Japan, OJI IM also has four locations overseas the United States, Germany, Thailand and Brazil.

Company Name Oji Imaging Media Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 1Oji Holdings No.1 Bldg., 12-8, Ginza 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
(split effective date)
October, 2012
Paid-in Capital 350,000,000 yen
President Mr.Shigeki Aoki
Major Business
  • Manufacture, processing and sale of Thermal Paper, Thermal film and Inkjet Paper
President Message
Shigeki Aoki


We, Oji Imaging Media, supply various media to print on-demand digital information, which are mainly thermal paper, inkjet paper as a core company of the Functional Company in the Oji Holdings Corporation Group.

Thermal paper is used for various ways, such as receipts at the supermarkets, convenience stores and many other place, tickets, labels, medical imaging diagnostic, etc. There are a lot of opportunities to touch in your life.

We have 20% shares in the world thermal paper market with overseas business base in U.S., Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil, other than in Japan. We are establishing theses worldwide networks to support our valued customer and meet global demands from them promptly and properly. Although the thermal recording technology is almost matured, we are making continuous effort to improve the technology continuously and find new applications of our products. We are also working on changing our raw materials and manufacturing process more eco-friendly.

The global market is changing dynamically nowadays and the severe market situation will continue. Despite the circumstance, thermal paper demand in South America is increasing with spreading POS and new logistic system in the region. To meet the demand and expand the market share in South America, we decided to invest in Oji Papéis Especiais, Brazil to increase the capacity. In Europe as well, we are working on increasing the capacity of production facility in KANZAN Spezialpapiere GmbH (scheduled to start from January 2024). Moreover, in September 2022, we acquired the Adampak group, a high-end label printing and converting company with business sites in six countries of both Southeast Asia and China.

We will continue expanding our capacity by efficient investment in the world, with capturing market trends adequately.

To contribute sustainable development society, all members of Oji Imaging Media are working with placing top priority to the concern for the safety and environment and compliance. Human resources are the most important and indispensable for sustainable growing company. I am focusing on work style reforms and diversity promotions to respect each staff’s personality and difference and create workplace culture which all employees can fully exercise their ability.

I am planning that we continue living up to expectations from all stakeholders including our valued customer and all employees by contributing to the society with supplying high quality products and service to our valued customer.

I sincerely appreciate your continuous support.